Small businesses, why do we stay so small?


Have you ever drove in your car and see a small brick and mortar and say “how do they stay in business”? Small businesses are dying, why, you may ask? It’s very simple, someone decided to create an idea and did not perform the proper research. Or maybe they did perform the research but lacked in vision. Every successful business never started with the same ideas they have now but evolved to fit the current times. In fact, a successful business always display’s maturity. For example, if your business is selling crafts inside your storefront, and that is what you’ve been doing this for the past 2-3 years, but finding that your business is struggling to keep the doors open? Then, my friend, you lack maturity and vision. Maturity is learning to see that your environment is changing, and vision is finding ideas in getting your product out faster and efficiently. For example, Maturity is you should be participating in your local cities craft shows to learn new ideas, and vision is to set up free themed craft parties and invite your clients plus 1 to attend to show your crafts, and possibly sell them also!

Many businesses are unique in every way and that is great, in fact, business owners are using more creative ways to stage their company. The problem is that the same creative juices become rancid as the business owner becomes stagnant and needs help, this is the reason why my company exists. A consultant can look at a business from the outside in, and the benefit is that that a consultant is not wrapped up with the internal issues or have any ties with your employes, a good consultant can see very clearly and come to the owner with a non-biased resolution. Now to be honest it’s not always that easy, in fact, most business owners don’t embrace change, but once you show that this will profit and make their company grow, then they will follow you to the end of the journey.

Finally, I believe that in order to stay alive in this cut-throat capitalist economy, I suggest hiring a business consultant like Octomaven to create an evaluation of your business and see if there are any opportunities to provide ideas, and processes to efficiently grow your business.

Business owners, love your business again, and reach out to a consultant near you!

Ralph Johansen | CEO, Owner | Octomaven, LLC

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