About Octomaven, LLC.

Octomaven LLC started in 2017 with one vision in mind, and that’s getting people to love doing business again!

Are you ready to perform in your business? You look Ready! Let’s Go!

We mastered what is needed to create individual plans to focus only on your business, we provide services that assist in creating websites, logos, and even set up social media platforms to announce that you are here! All this is done for your while you concentrate on the matter at hand, and that is business, we will worry about the rest!

According to 2016 statistics published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), 50 percent of businesses fail in the first year, and 95 percent fail within five years. Is this because the business owners are not smart, are they lazy, or a bad person? The majority of business owners are extremely intelligent, hardworking, and overall great people, but the fact of why these issues keep occurring is mostly because of the lack of time and bad decisions. Octomaven assists any business in learning about their processes, create tools to assist, and finally reverse engineer the process to make your company become a well-oiled machine.

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