The true courage of a Lion

A Lion, the King of the jungle! The Bible depicts that this mighty animal does not turn from anything, and when we see them in a zoo they are just laying down waiting to be fed. In the wild, a lion has to wake up each day and hunt for their food, it’s not given to them! Please be careful which type of lion you become because we can mimic the zoo lion which everyone looks at and mocks!
A lion in the wild is considered the most dangerous, feared, and revered animal in the wild! In fact, the lion is called the mightiest among the beasts. There is a reason why God created animals like these, because with respect, with loyalty, and within Kingship, fear needs to instill in the eyes of the enemy.
What type of lion are you? Are you the zoo lion? Majestic in view but not respected in your domain! Strong but nowhere to show your strength! The same animals you naturally devour watches you and mocks you, and you can’t do anything about it! Waiting for your food to be handed to you like you’ve been domesticated! Or, are you the beast that’s not confined in a cage, you get up and get yours! Your enemies fear you! WHAT ARE YOU!? Be that lion that does not fear of anything, that does not let themselves be confined by the enemy!

This was made to encourage not to insult, please read this daily to keep your heart like a lion!

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