Truth, like rain, don’t give…


A business owner for a neighborhood grocery store is on the brink of closing due to too bad administration. The owner decided to hire a consultant, and the minute the consultant decided to take a look at the financials, the owner got a bit nervous and started getting defensive with the consultant. The consultant took the professional route and mentioned to the owner that he is only trying to assist the owner in getting his company back on track.

The owner decided to allow the consultant to review the books. When the consultant found the discrepancies, he gave the report to the owner and explained that their accountant is making over-orders and not reconciling the budget correctly. The owner took a deep breath and said: “I know, but I can’t let her go”! The consultant looked over at the young accountant and asked the owner “why do you keep her working here”? The owner responded and mentioned that the real reason was that she is a single mother, and she had to drop out because of her baby, and the business owner was trying to give her a chance. The consultant saw the compassion in the owner’s eyes, and took a minute and said…”You’ve taken a decision in providing a chance for this individual, then you need to finish investing so you can reap your rewards!

In conclusion, the consultant suggested giving classes in showing the accountant how to properly reconcile the owner’s books and created a solid budget that saved the company from going under, and that same accountant after several years was promoted to General Manager.

Ralph Johansen

Owner and CEO | Octomaven

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