What are you selling?


I know, I’ve probably been writing in parables lately, but people have been reaching out to me, thanking me for the recent posts. I have felt so inspired to continue to reach out to my readers and provide them with simple yet customizable support to assist them with issues that not every consulting company focuses on.

To be successful in business, you must have a quality product or service, but also to provide a sense of customer satisfaction. At times a business owner only thinks about numbers and rate themselves on how well they are doing with only numbers, but if they don’t transfer that positive touch to the client or customer, let’s face it, the love is gone, and your numbers are not going to be high for long.

We focus on a business owner who can’t make those high numbers. They probably have a great product or service, probably have a great location, and might have a great marketing strategy, but what does that matter if your customer or client doesn’t feel comfortable buying from you or your company, then you will find these sales woes become a reality!

With a simple smile to the client or customer, can go a long way. Always remember that you can have the best product or service, but without sales and revenue, you’ll not be in business for long.

-Ralph Johansen

President/CEO | Octomaven, LLC


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