When Opportunity stays silent…


Apologies if the title is a bit vague, but I would like to share another of my short and inspiring stories, enjoy!

There was a natural unmanned garden which had many types of rare, beautiful flowers and plants grown. People nearby will come and pick from this garden, but one day a great storm came and destroyed the garden. Which also uprooted a majority of the plants that were sustained in the garden. When the locals came back to assess the damage, they were so despondent to find the garden in total disaster.

The locals thought this will take too much time and will be costly. They thought to themselves that the garden will never be the same! A group of kids felt the emotions of the people and eagerly mentioned “we can do it!”, but the adults scorned and mocked the kids as they said, “it will be too much for you to manage”!. The adults left, but the kids stayed behind. They saw an opportunity and kept the plan to themselves. Every day after school, the group of kids took tools from their parents’ shed and went to the garden to work hard day after day diligently.

After several months the kids gathered the adults and mentioned that they would like to have a meeting where the old garden was. The adults were puzzled, but yet followed the kids to the garden. To the adult’s surprise, the garden was revived! The adults thought that this was a hoax, as the garden looked better than before. The kids mentioned to the adults that they have taken each play day and every coin they usually use for sweets and invested in the garden. Afterward, the group of kids pitched a plan to the adults to have the garden run only by the kids, and sell the flowers to the adults. The adults were so impressed with the effort, and so proud of their kids that they allowed them to have a floral business in the garden.

As a result, the kids found a hidden treasure through tragedy, and capitalized on the opportunity, even when the opportunity was silenced by negativity and disbelieve. If you are still looking for an opportunity to speak up to you, then this will never happen. You need to grasp the opportunity even when it’s been silenced. If you are looking for a business, you don’t know what kind, don’t wait! Start a simple Internet business and grow from there.

-Ralph Johansen

Owner, CEO | Octomaven, LLC


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