Above it all, but below to self?

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One day a boy was playing with a shiny quarter and he was enticed of how he can flip and how bright the coin was. Well, not too far away the boy’s father was watching and saw how happy the boy was as he was playing with his quarter. The father thought to himself and mentioned: “Imagine him with a whole dollar, he’ll go nuts!”.

With excitement, the father reached into his pocket and pulled out a whole crispy dollar bill, but as when the father reached to grab the quarter to replace it with the dollar the boy’s face changed immediately. The boy decided to cry and asked for the coin back. The father explained, “this is more valuable!”, but the boy wasn’t hearing it. The father was confused and returned the coin to the boy, and his face returned to its excited expression as before.

The moral to this story that at times we are like that boy playing with a coin cherishing the physical aspects not the value, even though we are provided at times to have the unattracted, but valuable dollar we lower ourselves to obtain something shiny with lesser value.

In conclusion, This is not psychological preaching, but only an example of proven facts. People treat their business and family the same way they treat themselves, and at times it’s not their fault it’s all they know. I would like to explain the word “Value”. This word signifies the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

-Ralph Johansen

Owner, CEO | Octomaven, LLC.


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